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Andrew Barnes

The Presentation Clinic is headed up by former TV news anchor, Andrew Barnes.

Born and raised in Yorkshire, England, Andrew was educated in South Africa where he spent over 20 years in the fields of voice coaching, PR and media.

He has been a senior manager and presenter in radio and television and is an accomplished public speaker and MC.

As a senior news anchor and Relate Ambassador, with a passion for training and development, Andrew has coached some of Africa’s most recognised voices and faces.

His witty and dynamic style, combined with his ‘rapid results’ approach, made him the go-to trainer for Africa’s biggest 24 hour news network, eNCA.
Andrew has now brought this wealth of experience to Phnom Penh.

Brandon Roberts

Brandon Roberts Presentation Clinic Phnom Penh


Brandon is The Presentation Clinic’s English trainer. A professional teacher in Phnom Penh, Brandon works with both young learners and adults.

He has been in the field of education for over 20 years, with a special focus on adult literacy. His dynamic style and innate sense of fun has made him extremely popular with his students.

Brandon believes that language should be no barrier to learning. Thanks to his cosmopolitan South African background, he is well-versed in cross-cultural and cross-lingual training.

Brandon Roberts CV

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