English Training

Cambodia’s biggest challenge is the development of its Human Capital. Give your team the English language skills they need to communicate more professionally with your customers and their overseas colleagues.

Our programs feature sixteen 90-minute group classes, held on site either once or twice a week, according to your preference. This is customised English training, meaning all exercises, demonstrations and role-plays are specific to your company and your industry. Both “Basic” and “Intermediate” levels are catered for.

Our courses achieve a 100% attendance record. We get results.

Customer Service

Hotel & Hospitality English

Exclusively for hotels & restaurants, this program covers all aspects of service and guest relations. This is ideal for front & back office staff, Food & Beverage teams and Housekeeping and Maintenance staff.

  • Areas covered:
    • articulation and pronunciation
    • workplace vocabulary
    • handling questions
    • making suggestions
    • dealing with complaints
  • $995

English for Customer Service

Focused on frontline and delivery teams, this program is ideal for staff who communicate directly with your customers, either personally or telephonically. While written English is covered, this program concentrates more on spoken English.

  • Areas covered:
    • greetings & introductions
    • asking for clarification
    • making recommendations
    • handling complaints
    • dealing with enquiries
  • $995

Business English

Have your staff trained to communicate more clearly and professionally with your clients and their colleagues. We cover both spoken English and written English, helping your company look and sound world-class.

  • Areas covered:
    • grammar
    • parts of speech
    • articulation & pronunciation
    • email writing
    • conversation skills
  • $995

Business Writing

Have your team write clearer and more concise emails, reports and proposals with a program that focuses entirely on written English. While some articulation and pronunciation is taught, exercises and homework are all written.

  • Areas covered:
    • sentence structure
    • answering enquiries
    • cold-calls and follow-ups
    • writing reports
    • proposals & quotations
  • $995

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