Voice Training

Improve your English, conquer your fear of public speaking and deliver more dynamic sales presentations through our range of voice training courses.

Individual courses are delivered on a one-to-one basis at The Presentation Clinic, while workshops for businesses are conducted on-site.



Voice Skills

Take charge of your career, boost your self-confidence and raise the standard of your English with our signature voice course.

  • Six sessions
  • Areas covered:
    • initial assessment
    • breathing
    • breath support
    • pitch & tone
    • articulation
    • pronunciation
  • Free 'Before & After'
    voice recording
  • $360

Power Speaking

Conquer your fear of public speaking. Lead a team with authority and confidence. This program is ideal for new managers and group leaders.

  • Six sessions
  • Areas covered:
    • speech writing
    • speech structure
    • gestures
    • eye contact
    • vocal delivery
    • 'working the room'
    • impromptu speaking
  • Command an audience
    with confidence & flair
  • $360

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